About The Author

Kurt Varricchio

Kurt Varricchio, Author

 Kurt Varricchio is the President and Founder of KVA Sports, LLC, a sports agency based in Orange County, California.  Certified by the MLB Players Association, Kurt has been involved in professional sports ever since he completed his collegiate degrees.  An alumnus of The University of Texas at Austin and Florida State University, he holds a Master’s in Sports Administration and a BA in Media Performance.  He is also a licensed attorney and represents many of his professional baseball clients in the areas of business law/litigation, intellectual property, and entertainment law.

Prior to becoming a sports agent and attorney, Kurt held positions with the Kansas City Chiefs (1995-96) and the San Diego Padres (1996-2002).  He has represented athletes in Major League Baseball, the National Football League, professional boxing, mixed martial arts, and multiple Olympic sports.  Today, Kurt’s time is spent almost exclusively with professional baseball players.  Frequently advising them in the Annual MLB Draft, he represents these players throughout their professional and international careers. 

Although Kurt’s time is devoted primarily to KVA Sports, he still has his own legal practice, the Law Offices of Kurt Varricchio, and always makes time for his loving wife and two adventurous sons. 

The Day it All Changed

Kurt Varricchio as child with brothers and mother

This family photo of Kurt's mother, his brothers and him was taken on the day of his dad's funeral in April 1973.  This was the beginning of the end for Kurt's family unit as Kurt's mother was ill-equipped to handle the stress of raising four boys on her own.  Soon after this photo, violence became the norm in the home and things quickly got out of control.  Running away from the violence led Kurt to a childhood riddled with abuse, crime and multiple incarcerations.  The stories he shares are raw and highlight Kurt's resiliency in the face of unrelenting adversity.

Speaking Engagements

Kurt addressing a group of At-Risk Teens in San Diego, CA

Kurt has shared his story with numerous at-risk youth around the country.  His story resonates with kids of all backgrounds.  During his engagements, Kurt identifies some of the key challenges he faced as a child in the juvenile justice system and he provides a simple "game plan" on how these kids can break through their resistance.  Kurt doesn't just "talk to" his audience, but rather engages them in a back-and-forth dialogue that focuses on their unique and specific challenges.  If you are interested in booking Kurt to speak or have questions, please click below.