"An amazing and inspirational story with a much happier ending than a beginning. Hopefully, Kurt's tale can help others overcome obstacles in their own lives."

-Jim Callis, Senior Writer for MLB Pipeline (MLB.com)

When we decided that Kurt would represent my son, we based our decision on his impressive professional background. We are impressed even more now that we know where he was in his life and where he is today. What a great lesson Kurt’s book provides. In our family, we judge people based on our dealings with them, and not mistakes made growing up. My grandmother raised over 30 foster kids. I am well aware of the foster care system and how it can benefit a child. Kurt is a shining example of this. My respect and faith in Kurt has only grown from reading his book.

-Kim Mulkey, Head Coach, Baylor Women's Basketball 

 NCAA Champion as Head Coach, Asst. Coach & Player

Even though I’ve known Kurt Varricchio as a friend and professional colleague for more than 20 years, I never understood the magnitude of the challenges he overcame to achieve the level of success he now enjoys both personally and professionally. Kurt never stopped believing there was a path to a better tomorrow. Through incredible perseverance, even in his darkest hours, Kurt has been able to not just survive but to flourish as a successful sports agent and as a loving husband and father. There are far too many children who wake up every morning with the same simple goal Kurt once had: To find a way to survive the day. If only there were a way for every one of them to read Kurt Varricchio’s story to see that they can do far more than merely survive. 

-Glenn Geffner, Miami Marlins Broadcaster


“I love this book! A powerful memoir that places the readers in the thick of the action. Kurt provides poignant insight and immediately useful advice about overcoming obstacles and taking on the challenges life throws at us. Emotionally-compelling, the book pulls at the heart strings, reminding us it's not how far we fall, but how high we can bounce back if we do not give up. As a one-time juvenile delinquent, Kurt turned his life around. He's become a successful baseball agent, an accomplished lawyer, and perhaps most remarkably given his background, a terrific father.  Kurt's direct and honest approach to writing his memoir recounts his struggles so that all of us can learn from his challenges. It’s a well-written page turner. A moving narrative that  aspiring baseball players and business leaders alike will benefit from reading.”

-Scott K. Edinger, Best Selling Author of The Hidden Leader and The Inspiring Leader

Contributor to Forbes and Harvard Business Review